Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It has been a while since my last entry.  For various reasons, we have intermittent internet and telephone blackouts that can last for days.  That being said, here is today's entry...

SSG Neumann, SGT Ford, CPT Ysmael, and SGT Anderson
The ICU is commanded by CPT Ysmael, who works as a neonatal ICU nurse as a civilian.  The NCOIC is SSG Neumann, a pediatric RN.  SGT Anderson is a police officer when not on active duty, and SGT Ford is an LPN who works in a dialysis unit.

The ICU is a multifaceted unit.  When patients are waiting for surgery, they are moved to the ICU from ATLS for monitoring, stabilization, etc.  After surgery, the ICU functions as a recovery room.  At times, minor surgical procedures are performed in the ICU to avoid tying up an OR bed which may be needed for more seriously wounded soldiers.

The ICU team in action, with CPT Johnson modeling his new Multi-Cam Uniform!
The ICU has the capability of holding up to four ventilated patients for up to 72 hours.  Most patients stay postoperatively for less that an hour.  The staff is responsible for preparing them for MEDEVAC transport.   Temperature is a real concern – great pains are taken to assure that the patients remain warm.   Riding in a Blackhawk helicopter can make people cold in a matter of minutes.  Patients are given blankets called “Ready Heats” that become warm when exposed to air, and space blankets.  We also have handmade quilts that are donated to the FST.   I’ll blog about them at a later date.

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  1. look forward to reading your blogs...stay safe

    Colleen Bailey (Adrienne's classmate)

  2. Good morning Bill,

    I am the executive director for the NC Association of Nurse Anesthetists. We are doing a PR campaign about veteran CRNAs. Can we use some of your photos showing anesthesia care on the front-line?

    Thank yoU!