Monday, November 22, 2010

The 909th Command Structure

SFC Biesiadecki, CPT Murphy, MAJ Provenzano
The Commander (OIC - Officer in Charge) of the 909th FST is MAJ Provenzano.  As a civilian, "MAJ Pro" is a nurse anesthetist.  He oversees all functions of the FST.  He is quite an athlete, as well.  His emphasis on fitness is quite contagious - this is the most athletic unit that I've ever served with.

The Detachment Sergeant (NCOIC - Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, or First Sergeant) is SFC Biesiadecki.  SFC "Bies" works as an elevator mechanic when not in the Army.  He oversees the enlisted members of the unit.  His responsibilities include water, power, discipline, evaluations, supplies, training, movement, and anything else that the unit does!  His is a 68W and M6 which stands for Licensed Practical Nurse.

CPT Murphy is the unit's XO.  As an officer in this position, he is responsible for PAD (Patient Administration).  He tracks patient movement and assists the commander in arranging medevac flights.  He also manages the unit's equipment inventory.  In the civilian world, CPT Murphy teaches 8th grade science in a public school.

MAJ Provenzano, Commander, in the TOC
The office in which the command structure personnel work is referred to the TOC - Tactical Operations Center.  Here they are able to communicate with other medical assets in the theater of operations.

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