Friday, October 22, 2010

The Jordanian Welcome Party

Some Things Just Require Video!  Enjoy!

Last night was nothing short of incredible!  The medical providers and command of the FST and Charlie Med were invited to be the guests of the Jordanian Task Force.

MAJ Jordan, LTC Koutlas, SFC Biesiadecki, CPT Khalil
The Jordanians really know how to party!  We were warmly greeted with snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic), dancing and a hookah!  We had a hot tea which was quite sweet and spicy.

The Hookah

The hookah was filled with a very mild tobacco flavored with anise.  I was assured that there was no hashish!  It was amazing to see that so many could have so much fun without drugs or alcohol!

COL Giles, COL Aref
The Jordanian TF Commander, Colonel Aref Alzaben, invited me to sit with him.  They later honored the two of us by hoisting us up and dancing around!  How ironic it is that a war provided us with such a wonderful life experience!

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  1. that was very fun to watch. was the tea perhaps "chai" tea that I have heard so much about.
    -take very good care