Thursday, October 21, 2010


Of course, not all of our time is spent caring for casualties.  Inherently, there is downtime.  A favorite time of the day is mail delivery.  Duffy drives the gator to the mail CONEX and returns it to the FST in the morning.  Since my arrival, MAJ Jordan has, by far, received the most.  This is a picture of what he received in just one day!

MAJ Jordan's Mail
It seems as if the members of the ATLS section have to have a wrestling match at least once a day.  These guys seriously go at it!  It is a great way to blow off steam when you are 20.

Wrestling in ATLS
Everyone goes to one of the two gyms at least once a day, it seems (even me!).  They are very well equipped with treadmills, ellipticals,  stationary bikes, step climbers, weight machines, and a large selection of free weights.

East Gym
Of course, there is always the internet.  Honestly, I don't know how folks survived deployments before we each had a laptop.  The service is extremely slow and very expensive, but a necessity for most of us.

In honor of Halloween, the folks in the ICU/PACU have been inviting everyone over for nightly scary movies.  If you haven't seen "Dead/Alive", I highly recommend it!

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