Thursday, December 30, 2010


One of our Bunkers in the Snow
For some reason, lots of folks don't realize how cold it gets in Afghanistan.  Most of the country is very mountainous.  We are in a high plain with a desert climate, surrounded by beautiful mountains.  It has rained once since my arrival - a five minute drizzle in October!  That was one of the first days that were overcast.  The mountains had a slight dusting of snow for a couple of weeks near their peaks.  Most of the time, the sky is very blue, with bright sunshine, no clouds and no wind.  The temperature at this time of the year has highs in the high 40s to low 50s, and lows in the high teens to low 20s.

Snow on Insulated Tents
The FST's Gator
Today, we awoke to a light dusting of snow!  As the sun rose, the mountains were beautifully blanketed with the white stuff.  It has remained cloudy all day, and the visibility is rather limited, but I have included a few pictures of the snow on our tents and mountains.

Snow on Mountains as seen from Airborne Hill
There is much beauty, even in the most desolate places on Earth.

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  1. Hooray for snow! I should introduce myself. My significant other is at your FOB. He just arrived there a few weeks ago, and he said I should follow your here I am!:) Love what you've posted thus far. You may know of his unit...I'll say this much - some crazy Yoopers from Michigan1 ;)